Church FaceBook Page

Creating a Facebook page for your church is simple and is ideal way of keeping your members and and the community updated on news, events, and services hosted by your church. A Facebook Page can allow you to share any type of information about your church with your attendees and the public; such as its location and hours, upcoming events, discussions, videos, and more.

Instructions: How to Create a Church Facebook Page

A FaceBook Church Page can be basic marketing/outreach arm for the church. Not only can you stream your weekly service from it, have a sermon archive through it, post your weekly newsletter, daily devotions, etc on it.

If you donot have one the link below list the simple steps to establish it.
First you must create and verify a free account for your church page. Then create a profile and provide detailed information about your church. There is a “post status updates”. This is a vert powerful feature. Each time you enter a status update, Facebook will notify all your subscribers to your page, of that update. For example, you may want to post updates if the hours for your services have changed, or if you have scheduled a special event for your members.

You can manage your church’s Facebook page from a mobile device. This feature will allow a person to post status updates or upload photos to the Facebook page from their mobile device.

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