Communication is Critical

Communication is always important in any organization especial a church, which historically has been “face to face”. The COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted this capability. It is important to take steps to establish and maintain open communication with everyone involved in your church.

As we acknowlege our current sitiation, we need to honor our past as we transition to the future and take care to communicate why our church is making these changes.

Let us take a look at our status. Are we just one of the (1) “survivors” (struggling to stay as we were), (2) “adapters” (making changes to adapt to current situation) 0r (3) “thrivers” (positioned to take advantage of the situation).

The churches that are thriving were using the technologies of internet with a website and were (1) “streaming their services”, (2) had existing “small groups” that quickly moved to virtual “small groups” meeting using tools such as Zoom, (3) had online giving capabilities, and (4) had established an email systems with most of the current church attendees.

The churches that will exit the pandemic stronger are the “thrivers” and the “adapters”. The “adapters” are the churches that are quickly doing the above things that the “Thrivers” had already implemented.

If we want to exit the pandemic alive and a stronger church, we need to quickly become an “adapter” by:

  1. Create an email list of all church attendees and prospects
  2. Establish and/or improve church website and/or Church Facebook page.
  3. Implement Live streaming of services using a product like Facebook Live.
  4. Implement virtual “small groups” using a product such as ZOOM for prayer, fellowship and discipleship
    4a. Suggest that small groups use material coordinated with preaching subject.
  5. Do a weekly News Letter – highlighting sermon topic, suggesting daily devotionals, being involved with small groups & prayer request.

Involve as many church members as possible in establishing the above while providing training to everyone on how to use and the importance of doing so.

PS: Many feel that there is a HIGH possibility that “1 in 5” churches in America will die during the next two years, most of these will be from the current “survivers”, struggling to stay as they are!

This website (ministry) was established prior to the pandemic to call attention of the need for changing the status quo of churches who were struggling. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the need for self evaluation and change!

It is critical that churches in the “survival mode” must quickly move to the “adapter mode”. This will require drastic change quickly. This will require many pastors learning new technology and using new communication tecniques. Look at “Old Dog – New Tricks“.

Check out our sister website: Dying Church

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