Connecting in the Pandemic

This post and the other posts below are simple “seed planting” ideas to encourage churches to quickly become “adapters” and exit the pandemic as a stronger more connected church with each other and the community.

Start where you are and with what ever technology you are familiar, but quickly adapt other ideas and technologies mentioned in these posts. Most pastors, church leaders and members have emails, start there.

(1) Create a church email list.

(2) Establish a unified teaching/preaching schedule.

(3) Communicate the plan by way of News Letter and regular email broadcast (weekly or daily devotionals & prayers.

(4) Post these on Church’s Facebook page and/or website.

(5) Establish a weekly ZOOM Discipleship session weekly that will serve as a discipleship/fellowship and evangelism tool.

(6) Stream Church service with message focus of that weeks Zoom Session.

(7) Establish a church archive on website and/or YouTube etc.

(8) Encourage all members, friends, and visitors to use their personal Facebook and other social media to promote Church activities.

(9)Combine the above internet actives with Church Sign, paper mailers, yard signs etc.

(10) Pastors be creative and reduce sermon preparation by using all available resources, old sermons etc. and put most of your time and work into prayer, reaching and teaching!

Use the “contact” form and let us know what type of help your church needs to become a “Light on a Hill” for your community.

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This post and the other posts below are simple "seed planting" ideas to encourage churches ...
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