Seen a Thing Or Two

One of my favorite TV ads is the Farmers Insurance “Hall of Claims Ads” that usually end with the statement “We know a thing or two about church health  because we have seen a thing or two!”

Church Health

I make that claim in a limited way when I discuss “Church Health”.  I have seen a “thing or two” about the conditions and problems of local churches. As an adult Christian, I moved ten times across the USA and internationally and becoming involved in more than twelve churches. I was elected as a deacon in three and taught Sunday School in four. Served as Sunday School and Training Union Director in one and later preaching and pastor of two. The churches  varied in size from approximately 100 to 5000 members.

I have  increased my “knowledge of a thing or two” by tons of research and application of a few basic principles, plus these past few years I have visited a number of  churches, some multiple times, especially those that seemed to be healthy in order to identify the basis of their health.

A Thing or Two 

With the above said, I believe top of the “thing or two” and the the most critical thing affecting Christianity in America is the “health” of local churches, regardless of denomination. The state of Church Health affects worship, fellowship, ministry, discipleship, and evangelism which intern causes the local church to slowly die.

The first step in “a thing or two” about church health  is acknowledging there is a problem. Recent studies show that approximately 80+ percent of local churches are unhealthy!

In an attempt to raise awareness of these “claims” and provide resources to resolve these “claims” , I have created two websites that provides “a thing or two” (thoughts) and links to FREE resources.

Dying Church                                                           

Restoring the Church  

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Charles King, Dmin