Restoring Church Health

Is your church healthy?  Have you done a “Church Health evaluation?” If not your church needs a  “Restoring the Church  Health Strategy”. The purpose of Restoring the Church ministry is to raise the awareness of why churches are dying and by providing resources to help in Restoring the Church’s Health.

Leadership’s  focus on Church Health

Does your church leadership team have a plan to maintain a healthy  Church while planning and implanting a  church growth strategy both spiritually and numbers of attendees.

Problem: Based on research of current church statistics nine out of ten local congregations are growing slower than their communities and in many cases are actually declining from previous years. These churches need to focus on “Restoring the Church’s Health

Restoring the Church’s Health

Church leadership must take the responsibility for current church health and through much prayer  and analysis create a plan for “Restoring the Church’s Health”.

Steps: Below are simple steps to Restoring Church Health!

1. Accept Responsibility – current leadership must take ownership

Plan for growth – Churches need a plan for growth. They need to know how to get from where they are to where God intends for them to be.

Analyze were you are as a church.  A simple assessment of your last few years of “budget, baptisms, and building” and/or by studying the last few years of offerings, new membership, and attendance records will give a quick assessment of your “Church’s Health” .

Has your church been growing in these areas, If not it is time for a plan to address the troubled areas. You must know were you are in order to establish a growth plan.

2. Create a plan – lay out in-depth and intentional plans for the key areas of (Church health) worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism and stewardship.

3. Get buy-in from the congregation

4. Coordinate implementation and message through congregational Prayer, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry and Evangelism!

5. Stay faithful to the plan!  Do not give up;

Above thoughts from article below:

Leadership Plan

Church Leadership 

Mid – COVID-19 Pandemic

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