Small Church Rebirth

About 80% of American churches are under a hundred members, with a pastor as a single staff/employee and many times it is a bi-vocational (part-time) one.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-21 American church attendance had been on steady decline since around 2008 and the pandemic has greatly increased this decline. Many denominations such as the Southern Baptist have been forecasted to have as many as “1 in 5” churches to close during 2021-22.

Read Article: On in Five Churches to Close

Steps to Small Church Rebirth

If these smaller churches are to survive drastic measures must be taken, immediately! This website,, and a sister website were established to address the pre-pandemic decline, however we have shifted our focus to address the COVID-10 Pandemic recovery. The goal of these two websites were to encourage churches to examine selves, repent and return to their first-love, Jesus Christ! This is still the critical element, however there are a number of practical steps needed for COVID-19 response.

Post-pandemic churches need to do this also, but it is my belief that more drastic organization structure/focus most be immediately addressed if they are to survive. The pastor/leader needs to focus most of his efforts outwards (daily/weekly) instead of putting most of their efforts inward (Sunday Services).

This outward focus must involve touching all members/visitors and near by community as much as possible by use of the internet and free resources.

Below is a short list of free tools or all-most free resources. We will be addressing the importance and use of them with future posts.

  1. Pastor’s Email
  2. Weekly Newsletter – & devotionals by email
  3. Church internet visibility (Website (cheap) and/or Church Facebook page (free))
  4. Facebook live streaming of service – free – smart phone) – other like services
  5. Post past services on youtube, etc – link from Website and/or Facebook page)
  6. Small group studies/fellowship using Zoom like service (free)

These tools are easy to use and there are instructions available over the internet.

Over the next few days I will be making a series of posts adding valuable information about the above, plus pointing to other very valuable resources.

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Let us innovate and make lemonade out of the pandemic lemons!

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Small Church Rebirth
About 80% of American churches are under a hundred members, with a pastor as a ...
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