Status Quo

Status Quo is a general tendency for people to embrace the way that things have been in the past and fear and resist change.

Have you heard the story of a mule owner who hit the mule in the head with a 2×4 to get his attention. In a way, this post is has the same desired effect, to get your attention. Many churches today in the USA need to make drastic changes to survive.

I may have over reacted with this post as well as “Old Dog – New Tricks”, however I think it is justified in order to get the attention of both older pastors and churches with an aging membership. These pastors and churches must realize that they cannot continue to exist with out change.

This resistance is compounded by the congregation having a high number of their members are seniors and many of these churches are led by older pastors.

Not only is there a high resistance to change by both churches with older pastors and/or congregations made up of senior citizens. It is difficult for these churches to attract young families. These churches also have a diminished level of energy and resources for new ministry investments. Also many times the older members resist handing the leadership keys of ministry to the next generation.

Recent surveys found that the older the average age of members and clergy are, the less willing the congregation are to make adaptive changes or initiate either contemporary or innovative worship. Also these churches have resisted the newer technology and concepts needed to reach the younger generation.

An aging congregation has less energy to reinvent itself or attract younger participants. It is also less likely to have a functioning children’s and youth program, which is so important for drawing in young families.

Also both the current members and many times the older pastors usually make little use of technology, resist change and not tech savvy, so there has been little or no transition to the tools needed for “virtual” church that the pandemic required. Therefor these same churches are not prepared for the new world after the pandemic which will require a “hybrid church”, one with both in-person and virtual church, a hybrid. Many church leaders believe this will be mandatory to survive.

Given these challenges, how can aging churches be renewed? An old dog must learn new tricks!

Churches must immediately invest in the use of internet technology (training & equipment). In many cases this will require local partnerships.

A key focus area for “Restoring the Church Organization beyond raising awareness is to aid in the organization of local support groups (partnerships) that will provide for free (as a ministry) training, encouragement, temporary staff and possible equipment, as well as collaborating for youth services, evangelism, mission trips, fellowships, etc.

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